As an on-site indoor farming company, Ponix is on a mission to reclassify Food as a Utility™.  We see a future where food is grown locally and distributed to people and businesses seamlessly just like how WiFi, power, and water are provided making cities of the future more resilient.


Sustainable Cities

By 2050, we’ll need to feed two billion more people. How do we do this without hurting the planet? Studies show that 68% of our population will be living in cities. Our current food system is not equipped to handle this shift yet. Consider the shrinking farming workforce. The average age of farmers is 66. Where are the new generation of farmers? In a world that demands more, how do we plan to fulfill this need?

OUR Values

People, Planet, Profit

At Ponix, we are passionate about food justice and motivates us to create a reality where all vital human physiological needs can be met through sustainable production and distribution of resources. We are creating a sustainable and profitable business even beyond food that’s good for us and the environment.

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