ponix mini

herb garden


Easy way to introduce
hydroponics to students

Introducing Ponix Mini, a self growing STEM garden that allows you to grow fresh and healthy greens, fruits, and herbs in the classroom anywhere, anytime! Add the pods and seeds, add water, plug it in, and enjoy fresh food in just few weeks!

Grow up to 6 plants/mo

Power-on in seconds

Easy assembly & disassembly

Auto light timer

Auto water level indicator

How To Use

Refreshingly easy to use

Add Pods Smart Soil

Our smart pods are made from natural materials and packed with nutrients to help your plant grow healthy. They are pre-set with the correct pH levels and ready to grow immediately, just add seeds!

Add Water Fill Up

Simply add fresh water into the reservoir tank until you reach the top. The water level indicator will let you know when to refill your garden!

Plug It In Set-it, Forget-it

Now, plug it in, set your light timer for 16h or 8h on and watch your garden grow in just weeks!

Enjoy All Year-Round

In just few weeks, you can begin harvesting from you garden. You can take clippings from your plants or harvest the entire crop!


    Incorporate hydroponics
    into STEM programs easily

    Hydroponics engages students in growing fresh produce and learning about STEM, nutrition, and sustainability. This unique experience sparks creative thinking about community and global food systems. The Ponix Mini is a turn-key STEM garden for elementary schools:

    Grow immediately in the classroom, incorporate them into STEM topics, and enjoy freshly harvested produce in just weeks.

    We offer curriculums that compliment the STEM garden and aligned with Next Generation Science Standards.

    The Ponix Mini is delivered in a compact box with a carry handle. It includes a light panel, water basin, operational panel, adjustable light post, and a grower’s kit. It can be assembled in less than 5 minutes.

    What you can grow

    Always fresh & local, year-round

    Resources for Teachers

    Learn how to incorporate hydroponics
    into your classroom with ease


    We offer train-the-trainer programs for instructors who are interested in teaching hydroponics


    We provide teacher notes with step-by-step guidelines and activity tips


    We provide full lesson plans that include critical thinking questions, objectives, key terms, activity and resources for "going futher"


    We offer quizzes that instructors can issue to students for each lesson plan


    We bring industry experts right to your classroom virtually through a conference or pre-recorded video


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