The Power of Art and Architecture to Inspire Change

The Power of Art and Architecture to Inspire Change

Art exhibits hold the potential to not only capture attention but also inspire action. With interactive installations, viewers can engage in the creative process, breaking down the barrier between the artist and the audience. This type of immersive experience can be harnessed by talented artists to raise awareness and promote advocacy for various issues. By utilizing their platform, artists can create exhibits that provoke thought and motivate individuals to take action toward creating a positive impact in society. 

Milan Expo 2015 

In 2015, the Milano Expo had a theme of “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life,” which centered around global food security and the effects of personal food choices. Biber Architects was chosen to design the US Pavillion at the Milan Expo. 

Biber Architects 

Biber Architects, a renowned architectural firm, recognizes how their work can inspire social and political transformation through its beauty. When given the opportunity to design for the Milan Expo, they decided to utilize hydroponic systems to convey their message. 

Biber Consults with Ponix 

Biber Architects and Ponix were introduced to each other through a strategic advisor. Ponix was tasked with serving as a hydroponic systems consultant for Biber Architects and recommended using ZipGrow towers, manufactured by Bright Agrotech, for the expo showcase. This allowed the real-time growth of living plants during the event.

The US Pavillion 

The US Pavilion at the Milan Expo was designed to be an open, transparent, and accessible public space. It offered a variety of experiences, including a self-guided and flexible area, as well as a traditional linear exhibition. The building incorporated sustainable design elements and featured numerous references to American culture. The design was inspired by the “farm industrial” aesthetic, which combined basic industrial agricultural architecture with advanced technology in a uniquely American manner.