ponix farms

Turn-key, modular
hydroponic vertical
farming system


Grow produce anywhere, anytime

Ponix Farms is an on-site hydroponic farming solution for crop production. We have innovated on a turn-key grow solution - allowing any user to grow immediately and enjoy freshly harvested produce in just weeks.

Turn-key solution for any user

Easy assembly & disassembly

Modular growing system to easily scale

Our Difference

Our farming systems fully optimize your space for efficient growing

Modular Easily Scalable

A modular and scalable farming system allowing users to grow produce year-round, always

Turn-key For Any User

User friendly hardware using accessible parts that can be assembled like furniture in minutes

High Yield Vertical Farming

Produce 40x more than traditional soil farms by growing up and not out

Grow Year Round Climate Proof

Our environments are optimized for ideal conditions for our crops to thrive all year-round. No more weather issues

Variety Grow Over 50+ Crops

Grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs with our system


Farming system for
your needs

We designed our farming system to be simple, productive, versatile and efficient for various applications.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or you want an indoor garden for your home or apartment, we have solutions just for you.
If you’re looking to activate underutilized space in your warehouse or want to start an indoor farming operation, we can help you.
If you have land and want to add a greenhouse to it, we have solutions for you – from educational, business or personal use.
For property owners and property management teams who want to add elements of sustainability to the property with ease, we can help.
For restaurants and kitchen operators who want direct access to fresh food, we have solutions for you – whether you set up the farm on-site or close-by.
For commercial developers and property management teams that want to bring their mixed used developments to new heights, we have solutions for you. Our farming systems are meant to be a living showpiece of modern architecture.
Vertical Farming

What you can grow

Always fresh & local, year-round

Launch your farm

Upgrade your home, office, university, or retail operation for direct access to the freshest produce


Consultation call to understand your goals. Conduct feasibility tests to learn viability of the project


Purchase order completed, Ponix receives payment and begins farm construction


Site logistics and timeline established with Ponix


New operator recieves delivery date and shipping quote, delivery fee


Farm delivered! Ponix master grower and electrician on-site at time of delivery to set-up


Training on farming system and plant seeds. Enjoy the first harvest in just a few weeks

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