ponix os

Enterprise farm
management software


All-in-one software to manage your entire farming operation

The PonixOS is refreshingly easy to use software to manage, control and automate your farming operations.

Autopilot capability for entire grow process

Recipe cataloging for crop settings

Live camera feedback of your farm

Farm analytics to optimize growing prcoesses

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Work smarter, not harder


Program your entire grow process to be fully automated - schedules for lighting, climate, nutrient dosing and more

Live Camera

Gain live feedback of your farm at your control. Add or remove cameras as you adjust your operations

Farm Analytics

Obtain key data sets to make data-driven decisions to optimize your farm

Recipe Catalog

Download specific nutrient recipes for crops and save program for precision and crop consistency

Farm Shop

Replenish growing supplies through our in-app shop feature


Find out how to automate & manage your farm today

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