Healing Veterans Through Sustainable Agriculture

Healing Veterans Through Sustainable Agriculture

Returning home after war can be an incredibly difficult and complex experience for many veterans. They may have been exposed to traumatic events that can have a lasting impact on their mental and emotional health. They may also struggle to adjust to civilian life after being in a high-stress, high-intensity environment for an extended period. 

Many veterans may find it challenging to reconnect with family and friends who may not fully understand what they have been through. All of these factors, and more, can make the transition back to civilian life a daunting task for many veterans. Communities need to support returning veterans and provide them with resources and assistance to help ease this difficult process. 

Jon Jackson 

Having experienced the challenges of returning home from war firsthand, Jon Jackson intimately understood the struggle that many veterans face when trying to readjust to civilian life. Jon’s difficulties were compounded by the end of his marriage and a sense of isolation as he felt that no one truly comprehended the issues he was dealing with. However, this adversity inspired him to establish Comfort Farms, a place where veterans find the support and resources they need to heal after returning home. 

Comfort Farms 

Established in 2014, Comfort Farms provides a valuable resource for veterans struggling to reintegrate into civilian life after returning from war. Their approach emphasizes growth and learning, enabling veterans to overcome their difficulties and successfully transition back into society. The sobering statistic that more than 100,000 veterans have lost their lives to suicide since the beginning of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, compared to the roughly 5,000 killed in combat, highlights the urgent need for effective support services for returning veterans. 

After learning to disassociate from their emotions to survive the trauma of war, veterans require time to reconnect with their feelings upon returning home. Comfort Farms utilizes the healing power of nature to help veterans accomplish this critical task. Their innovative approach enables veterans to embrace life once more and find new purpose and meaning in the civilian world. 

Food and Farming 

Comfort Farms is a unique program that offers veterans an opportunity to learn sustainable farming skills while benefiting from the healing power of nature. Through this innovative approach, veterans can acquire new job skills, find personal growth, and experience the transformative effects of working with the land. By emphasizing healing and growth through sustainable agriculture, Comfort Farms provides veterans with a path toward success in their post-military lives. 

Ponix Farms 

Ponix has partnered with Comfort Farms to offer veterans unique farming and educational opportunities. Through this partnership, veterans learn about the principles of urban agriculture while at Comfort Farms. This knowledge has enabled many veterans to establish hydroponic farms, offering a sustainable source of income while staying connected to the healing power of nature. By providing this valuable skill set, Comfort Farms has empowered veterans to cultivate a new sense of purpose and security in their post-military lives.