Collaboration in Urban Agriculture

Collaboration in Urban Agriculture

AgtechX - Ponix Farms

Collaboration among agriculture leaders is crucial for the emerging industry of urban agriculture. Through collaboration, leaders can address challenges, share knowledge, and develop innovative and sustainable solutions to the complex food challenges that many cities face. By scaling models and working together, they can better understand how urban agriculture can contribute to a more equitable and sustainable food system. Collaboration can move the industry forward, leading to greater impact and progress in urban agriculture. 

By working together, leaders can address challenges related to access to capital, policy and regulatory barriers, and education and outreach to communities. This can result in greater innovation, sustainability, and impact in the field of urban agriculture. 

Agtech X 

Based in Brooklyn, NY, AgtechX recognizes the potential of urban agriculture to solve the environmental and social challenges faced by cities today. They have developed a unique facility that serves as both a coworking space during the day and an event center and classroom at night. 

The space is open to the community, providing a platform for discussions and education on sustainable agriculture. AgtechX has become a hub for community members to exchange ideas and launch agricultural start-ups, filling a gap in the market for accessible spaces for sustainable agriculture conversations and events in NYC. 

Ponix Invited to Join Agtech X 

Ponix was invited to join AgtechX in September 2018, and it proved to be a valuable opportunity for collaboration. Ponix worked alongside other AgTech businesses and Agritecture, AgtechX’s consulting and services arm.

Through these relationships, Ponix and other agricultural leaders were able to connect and share knowledge to advance the industry. Being an emerging industry, it was crucial for leaders to connect with other innovators to collaborate, integrate technology, and form partnerships that help to further develop the field of urban agriculture.



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