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Fresh, ready to eat
chef-styled meals


Healthy eating made easy

Ponix Cafe offers made-to-order and "chef-styled" salads to-go. Produce is sourced locally from Ponix Farms and other farms. These meals are made in front of customers, providing a strong element of theater in a fun, stylish atmosphere with produce growing in the background.

Fresh, tasty and healthy meals on-the-go

Made-to-order salads, meals and smoothies

Salad Bowl in white background

Coming soon

Fresh meals made accessible, even on your busiest days

BRICK & MORTAR Ponix Cafe Locations

We will launch various Ponix Cafe locations in high density urban areas that have high walking traffic

Vending machines Grab-N-Go

We will launch Ponix vending machines for quick grab-n-go meals in high traffic areas

Online Delivery Cloud Kitchens

Meals delivered to consumer's doorsteps via popular food delivery applications

Our Menu

Made-to-order & chef styled meals

Ponix is offering made-to-order and “Chef-Styled” salads. Wraps, soups smoothies, and bowls are served as secondary products using locally-grown ingredients.

Fresh salads made from produce grown by Ponix and other locally sourced organic ingredients
Take home fresh produce grown by Ponix
Fresh smoothies made with fresh ingredients grown by Ponix
Tasty and hearty wraps and flatbread meals
Choose an oatbowl, chiabowl, or a forager bowl
Various soups that’s good for anytime of the day


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