Controlled environment agriculture allows for year-round pesticide-free harvests of fresh produce - mushrooms, leafy greens, tomatoes, strawberries & more. Vertical Farm Local Distribution Shorter supply chains mean fresher food and less waste. More, smaller farms means more food security. Farm-to-Kitchen Businesses, co-ops, schools, retailers, and restaurants can order fresh local meats and veggies delivered directly to their facility. Residents can order fresh local meats and veggies delivered directly to their doorstep. Farm-to-Table Companies like Beyond Meats, Impossible Foods, and Memphis Meats are paving a path to a sustainable future where we can enjoy meat without killing animals (or the planet). Plant-based meats

Move the farm, Not the food

Ponix is an on-site indoor farming company for food production. Our farming technology enables a new level of food security, allowing us to operate less like a traditional soil farm and more like a utility company.

Direct access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs has never been this easy.

We Set up a farm
near You

We do the farming
for you

You get the fooD At
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A winning strategy for smart cities

Sustainable Farming

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New Opportunities

Invest in a farm

Two billion more people will be joining us by 2050 and the current state of agriculture is unsustainable and not equipped to handle this massive shift. 

We work with public and private sectors to establish and operate sustainable and profitable indoor farms – which produce and distribute fresh local foods all year round directly to surrounding consumers and businesses.

Sustainable Food Production

Our food is grown indoors all year long with our PonixOSautomation technology.

Transparent Supply Chain

We harvest the same day our orders go out for delivery. No more guessing with supply chain.

Food Waste Reduction

Fresh ordering and forecasting is made simple with our Foodchain™ platform. 

Taste the Difference in Quality

Food you Trust

When you produce food at the point of consumption, you can taste the difference in quality.

Our farming technology creates the ideal conditions for growing amazing food all year long with zero pesticides.


Take Control of your food supply